Seek adventure. Serve others. Embrace the next phase of your life.

Not Exactly Retired tells the story of a couple who steered off the main highway of the American Dream to reinvent themselves. They wandered around the United States and Nepal and then served as Peace Corps volunteers in Moldova, Eastern Europe.

Praised as “heart-warming,” “poignant,” and “delightful,” Not Exactly Retired will inspire you to be bold about redefining your own life.

Praise for Not Exactly Retired

“Not Exactly Retired” is a fascinating story about the rewards of doing good while seeing the world. It shows how adventure can give new meaning to our lives and make them richer.

Jonathan Look, Jr., LifePart2

David’s storytelling is engaging and will inspire you to find your own North Star, whether that is more travel or joining the Peace Corps like they did, or striking out for unknown personal territory.

Debbie and Michael Campbell, The Senior Nomads

I want to be like David Jarmul when I grow up. His story of setting out on an adventure of service in his 60’s is a reminder that the itch for adventure can be scratched during any season of life and, as David so perfectly stated, β€œthe important choice is to actually make a choice, to act instead of drifting.” His story is the perfect combination of adventure, compassion and love and is sure to stroke the flames of wanderlust in those of us that carry that torch in our chest.

Kim Dinan, The Yellow Envelope

A delightful and instructive guide to self-renewal from which we all can learn.

Steve Olson, National Book Award nonfiction finalist

Who in their right mind joins the Peace Corps in their sixties? What were we trying to prove to ourselves or anybody else?” David Jarmul ponders these perplexing questions during an 11,000 mile road-trip across America and his second tour with the Peace Corps, this time in Moldova β€” explorations that have both personal and historic appeal. He gently teases out a striking contrast between his service in Nepal 35 years ago and in Moldova in the age of Trump.

Marco Werman, former Peace Corps Volunteer, Togo
Host of The World on public radio

Not Exactly Retired” disproves Thomas Wolfe’s adage that you can’t go home again. The poignant vignettes throughout this remarkably readable book demonstrate that you can serve again after you have “retired” from a rewarding career.

Kevin F. F. Quigley
Former president, National Peace Corps Association

A thoughtful and heart-warming account of love, travel and service to others. As a Moldovan, I found David’s observations of my country wise, insightful and encouraging. David and Champa will never know how many lives they’ve touched or changed, or how many young Moldovans will always remember their names.

Stela Brinzeanu, Bessarabian Nights


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